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My Top 5 Reasons to Start Green Cleaning Today

We all want a clean house. We want a living space that is free of dirt, a shower that is free of soap scum, a kitchen that is free of grease, and clothes that are free of grass stains. There are hundreds of products on the market to make all of this possible, but unfortunately most of them are full of harmful toxins. While they may work to remove grease, soap scum, and clothing stains, they also increase the number of harmful substances that we are exposed to and increase our bodies’ toxic loads. Our bodies are build to heal and to naturally remove toxins, but when they are overloaded these pathways can’t keep up.

How do you clean your home? What cleaners do you use? Have you checked the ingredients in them? Better yet, do you even know what is in the cleaners in your cabinets? Most household cleaners do not even list the ingredients used, so you have to do a bit of digging on the internet or may even have to call the manufacturer to find that list.

Chemical cleaners are one of the top contributors to indoor air pollution and can wreak havoc on our health.

Most household cleaners are dangerously toxic. There is no federal regulation of ingredients used in cleaning products and so many of the cleaners contain a variety of harmful ingredients. Ingredients in common household cleaning products have been linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption, reduced immune system function, skin and eye irritations, decreased respiratory function, and so much more. I encourage you to do a little research on your own and see what is in the products you use. Are you helping yourself and your family when you clean your home or are you ultimately causing more harm? The best resource to begin researching is the Environmental Working Group website or the Think Dirty app.

Here are my top five reasons to begin green cleaning today:

1) It will make your home safer because most chemical cleaners are flammable, toxic, and poisonous!

2) You will protect your health by limiting the number of toxins your body is exposed to. Toxins build up in our bodies over time and can cause health issues like respiratory discomfort, allergies, skin irritations, and can even lead to cancer and autoimmune diseases.

3) It will clean up your indoor air quality because conventional chemical cleaners contribute to higher pollution inside homes.

4) You will help the environment by reducing pollutants and eliminating waste.

5) You will save money! By using cleaners that have multiple jobs, by using cloths that can be reused, and by making your own cleaners- you will save a great deal of money and time.

Now that you know you need to ditch those toxic household cleaners and say goodbye to the harmful chemicals in your home, what is the next step? Well, the good news is that you actually have several options. I’ve spent years researching and testing products out and will save you time and energy. I will give you my own personal recommendations and you will be able to choose which ones would work best for you and your family.

1) Use Branch Basics. I was introduced to this company three years ago. I struggled to find healthy cleaners that actually worked well. If you are just beginning your green cleaning journey, this is a great place to start. You can order the starter kit and it will last you a long time. Click on this link to find out more and to shop for products.

2) Use Norwex products. This is a company that I was introduced to about two years ago. You can actually use many of their products and clean just with water. I highly recommend the Envirocloth, Window Cloth, Mop, Dusting Mitt, and Kitchen Towels. I use the kitchen towels and envirocloth every single day. These products are all machine washable and have allowed us to eliminate waste. For more information on Norwex, check out this link.

3) Make your own cleaners with ingredients that are safe, clean, and effective. This is one of my favorite things to do. I like to know every single ingredient in my products and what better way to do that than to actually make them yourself. Most do-it-yourself cleaners require only a few ingredients and can be made in a matter of minutes. Grab some castile soap, vinegar, baking soda, a few glass spray bottles or jars, and some high quality essential oils and you will be well on your way to creating fantastic household cleaners. For more information on essential oils, clink on this link:

My two favorite household cleaners are my all-purpose cleaner and my floor cleaner. Here are the recipes for these:

All Purpose Cleaner

16 oz glass spray bottle

6 tsp castile soap

40 drops of essential oils**

2 cups distilled water

*Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle.

Shake gently before each use.

**I prefer to use a combo of On Guard and

Lemon essential oils.

Floor Cleaner

16 oz glass spray bottle

1 cup white vinegar

1 cup distilled water

20-25 drops of essential oils**

*Combine all ingredients in the spray bottle.

Shake gently before each use.

**I prefer to use citrus essential oils

like lemon, tangerine, and grapefruit.

Once you transform your cleaning routine to be toxic free, you will notice a big difference in your home and the health of your family. Go green today!

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May 24, 2018

Wonderful post! Thank you for the summary. Just beginning to weed out cleaning products and this is of tremendous value!

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